We are the vanguards of authenticity…

Because who wants a ‘similar’ type of holiday?

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Banging suggestions for your trip...

We believe in the beauty of the unique and showing people the wonder of “A Different Type” of world! If our tour isn't the best version of that tour that you've ever been on, tell us and we will lock your guide in a basement for 24 hours...

See Lisbon through the eyes of a local, explore with people from around the world and wake up with some coins left in your pocket!
"I want to show you *my* Lisbon nightlife, which features some of the most unique, fabulous and diverse places in the city, buckel up..."
Looking at the ugly can we decide what we truly think is beautiful and I challenge you to develop your opinions of this city. People rarely connect the words ‘Lisbon’ and ‘Ugly’, and we’re going to find out why…

How we work… Our tour guide collective operates around three main principles.

Adjective:-: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character. That means real people showing you a real city.
Hidden accsess
Find a world that is hidden to even the locals... we pride ourselves on being explorers and sometimes that means knowing more than the rest.
Treating you like a friend
We make our tours as affordable as possible, taking out all the faff allowing you to spend like a local and relax with your holiday coins and new aquantances.