We are a tour collective called “A different type .com” and we’ve come together because we believe we know how to how to have a deliciously incredible time in our own lives and we are exceedingly confident that we can share that with you too.

We are a group of artists, musicians, dancers, poets, philosophers, entrepreneurs and spiritual explorers from all over the world, who have all chosen Lisbon as our home, and we want to share our experience in this magical city with you in our own, very unique way.

What makes us Different? In our experiences, the guide is the superstar. You pay for nothing more or less than the charm, passion and expertise of your guide and that’s why our team is made up of the most charismatic, curious, gorgeous people this city has to offer.

1. ACCESS hidden cultures and people differently

We are all about finding out things not even the locals know, it what we do and it’s why we love to share!

ACCESS hidden cultures and people

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2. The FREEDOM to choose

Who wants to be told how to explore the world!? Not us. That means are tours are all about the guide and don’t have any hidden extras.


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3. AUTHENTIC real people showing you real things

Going on holiday is experiencing the world from a different perspective, and learning from what you discover. It might not always be perfect, but it’s real, and that’s the way we love it!

AUTHENTIC real people

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