A Different Type of Lisbon Painting and Wine Class

Flex your creative muscles with an inspiring evening paint class against the stunning backdrop of Lisbon’s iconic 25th April bridge and the sun slowly descending towards the sparkling Tagus river. Hosted by internationally-renowned artist, David Arranhado, this unique experience allows you to create your own Lisbon souvenir and learn more about the world of painting. ★★★★★ Time: 12:30pm-5:30pm


Flex your creative muscles with an inspiring evening paint class against the stunning backdrop of Lisbon’s iconic 25th April bridge and the sun slowly descending towards the sparkling Tagus river. Hosted by internationally-renowned artist, David Arranhado, this unique experience allows you to create your own Lisbon souvenir and learn more about the world of painting.


Time: 12:30pm-5:30pm

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About the guide

Hey guys, my name is David Arranhado a Lisbon-born artist and world traveller with a smile (your host),

For the past 15 years, I’ve left the calm organized atmosphere of Europe to live in Brazil, one of the most vibrant cultures the planet has to offer.

From a successful career gaining commissions painting the side of 20-story buildings with eye-catching murals, I’ve now been able to refine my works to a canvas – albeit very large ones.

What we will do

Last year I joined an art collective in an abandoned shipping warehouse on the Tagus river looking across at our beautiful city of Lisbon.

This, ladies and gentlemen, will be the location of our painting class.

My family comes from a proud old rural Portuguese farming tradition and we still produce an assortment of incredible food.

Depending on the season of our gathering it will be my honor to provide cheeses and wines fresh from our farm.


Where we will be?

During the 1980’s one of the largest shipping ports in the world was built and developed directly facing Lisbon. Today much of its infrastructure has disappeared, however, three large jetties that stretch far into the river still remain. With a backdrop of the 25th of April bridge and the jaw-dropping sunset that will leave your eyes singing, we have set the scene for an incredible day of painting and discussions.

What will I provide?

An assortment of local Portuguese snacks, hopefully from my family’s farm (depending on the season)

Creative supplies
Painting Easle, paints, pencils and paper. (feel free to bring your own also)

What to bring?
An intrigued soul and an open mind.

21 reviews for A Different Type of Lisbon Painting and Wine Class

  1. Jordan Genovese


  2. Aaron Lorusso

    Fantastic experience. David is an expert in her knowledge and her passion shows. If you have any interest in the art of Portugal, I highly reccommend this workshop experience.

  3. Angelika Leiser

    Our family of four really enjoyed this workshop. Our 2 kids, aged 8 and 10 really loved it and want to do it again! David was very generous with her time and expertise and the kids made a mug and a bowl in addition to canvass. It really is an activity everyone can do and produce something special. Highly recommended!

  4. Anita Lipp

    I participated in this workshop with my family, including 2 children (9 and 13). We all really enjoyed the workshop. David provided a thorough cultural/historical explanation at the beginning, and guided us through the painting of the canvass. It was nice to have the stenciled patterns to follow if we wanted to, and there was plenty of room for personal freedom of expression. David was there to answer questions and give suggestions. I highly recommend this engaging activity and would do it again.

  5. Aron Saville

    When we left the workshop my daughter and I turned to each other and said: “This was FUN”! David was well prepared, instructed us as a group as well as an individual when our work speed changed. He offered tips and suggested how to improve our design. The first canvas was a copy of her prepared designs and the second could be a free style or another one of her designs – and He has MANY, just ask if you do not find what you like on the wall or Helves. We came with the bus from Alfama (759) which stops very close by. All during the painting workshop we felt relaxed and so did the other participants. I am looking forward to the two lovely canvass that we will have shipped home. Thanks David for a wonderful day with a perfect cup of tea and cookies!

  6. Branden Hargraves

    David’s class was truly wonderful! He is extremely knowledgeable and made painting the canvass easy and exciting!! This was one of the best experiences I have ever had!

  7. Bulah Rozek

    This was a wonderful experience. David explained all about the canvas making process and then helped us all to make some wonderful paintings

  8. Carleen Falgout

    Amazing class! David really knows what he is doing and makes some beautiful painting that you can also make and keep!

  9. Cassondra Balducci

    I have been to David’s painting workshop twice, and I will go every time I return to Lisbon (I have old friends here, so I come back every couple of years). You may think you can paint canvass at home, but the specific materials are difficult to find elsewhere, and David is very helpful about technique. David also knows a great deal about the history of the art form, and I have learned something new each time.

  10. Cherise Sechrest

    So fun! Had some time to myself on my trip to Lisbon, so I booked myself this class. It was a great introduction to painting, the history and making of. Got to create two beautiful canvass that I can’t wait to hang up!

  11. Cherry Ollis

    It was very nice to both of us to have this experience. It was my wife’s dream it was completely fulfilled. Extremely happy!

  12. Cierra Huck

    Lovely, informative class on canvas painting. Suited for older children as well. You will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the beautyof Portugal.

  13. Colette Izzard

    Interesting hands-on experience, wonderful souvenir to take home. The place is not the easiest to find, but overall – would do it again!

  14. Darby Woolley

    Nous avons vécu une expérience unique, ma maman et moi même avons adoré. Nous recommandons vivement cette activité qui permet d’encore mieux connaître l’univers des azuléjos. Allez y les yeux fermés,vous ne serrez pas déçu ! Merci à notre hôte pour sont accueil et cette belle découverte.

  15. Dorathy Wisner

    멋진 분위기에서 아줄레주에 대한 설명도 듣고 직접 페인팅도 해보고 심지어 완성품을 한국으로 보내주신다. 특별한 경험을 원한다면 추천

  16. Edwardo Breiner

    David prefaces the painting activity with a history and information about azulejo. Afterwards it’s an easy walk to the museum to complete the whole azulejo day!

  17. Elana Lenoir

    It’s a very nice experience as you can learn the technique of how to paint it (though it’s difficult for me, David has a lot of patient to teach) and understand the history behind. You’d be loved when the final work is out, can’t imagine I can have my own designed canvas. It’s worth to join it if you have time!

  18. Emerald Bartlow

    Can recommend this experience to everyone – you don’t have to be artistic! David was informative about the origins of the Portugese artistic history and extremely helpful to enable everyone to take home an excellent self-made souvenir of Lisbon.

  19. Eve Burnes

    An insightful and creative way to spend some time in Lisbon. This activity really reflects the vibrancy of Lisbon itself. I learnt so much and loved challenging myself in a new artistic way, highly recommend

  20. Flora Haskell

    This is a must-do Lisbon activity if you want cultural immersion and a one of a kind souvenir! The host was very warm and friendly, knowledgable and supportive. He began with a history on the art and canvass then smoothly lead into instructions. The activity was easy for those without any experience yet he let the more experienced artists work at their level as well. It was a comfortable atmosphere in a small studio surrounded by lots of inspiration. It was like painting with friends. While we worked on our canvass, we were offered tea/coffee and a delicious mix of cookies. I booked this class with my sister and mother and we are so satisfied and happy we did this class!

  21. Jordan Genovese

    I would say this experience was really nice and insightful, David really knows a lot about painting and it was a nice introduction to the many Painting you will see in the city. It is an amazing plus that you get to take them home and keep them as a great reminder of the city of Lisbon. He had a great selection of what you could paint for your second choice and gives you total freedom to freestyle if you preferred. All in all, it was a cute experience!

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