A Different Type of Lisbon Seafood Tour

Indulge your senses by immersing yourself in Lisbon’s seafood tradition. Take a stroll along the riverside with chef and guide José, sampling some maritime delicacies along the way. ★★★★★ Time: 10:00am-3:00pm


Indulge your senses by immersing yourself in Lisbon’s seafood tradition. Take a stroll along the riverside with chef and guide José, sampling some maritime delicacies along the way.


Time: 10:00am-3:00pm

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About your guide

My name is Jose Luis, Lisbon’s first and only Mexican tour guide host (well that’s what I tell people).

Food is truly my raison d’être, from the way it’s made, to the people that make it and –  most importantly – the way it tastes.

My genuine story of moving to Lisbon happened shortly after I realised the incredible hidden gems of Lisbon’s long-standing relationship with the sea, and seafood. It was upon seeing what food this country had to offer that I quickly collected my entire life savings and opened my own restaurant here in the city.

What we’ll do

My concept is to let you explore your pallet *your* way.

During my world adventures, I was regularly frustrated when I used to attend food tours that I was only allowed to eat from a set menu and (being a restaurant owner myself) I always wanted to choose my own dishes, with the expert advice of the guide of course!

I want to take you places that you’d never find by yourself and where you can spend according to your own budget.

You pay for me, your host (and I’ll include some nibbles to whet your appetite), but for the restaurants, I want to share with you my knowledge and give you the option to decide what works for you.

Bring an extra €25 max and you’ll be sure to have the seafood feast of your life.

Where we’ll be

…This tour is an exploration of a lesser-known part of the city.

I will pick you up in the city centre at Cais Do Sodre and in the most appropriate maritime  fashion, we will ceremoniously cross the Tagus together to the home of the freshest seafood in the region, Cacilhas.

Upon disembarking from our sea carrot, be prepared to be instantly hit by the smell of charcoal simmering sardines from the restaurants that crowd the outside paths of the station.

For our tour we will walk by the river, all the while taking in a breathtaking view of Lisbon from the other side, and explore Cacilhas through its food, using the Elevator do Vento to access the older part of the city, Casa da Cerca, later moving into the famous Almada Fishmarket and finishing back on the river!


What else you should know?

Come with an open mind and an intrigued soul. I’m excited to see if you like my new concept of food exploration!

What I’ll provide

A few small appetisers to warm up your pallets.

What to bring

€25 maximum to explore the venues your way!

€3 for transport to and from Cacilhas

22 reviews for A Different Type of Lisbon Seafood Tour

  1. Andra Canez


  2. Loise Ritchie

    Thanks a lot for this amazing experience. It was a fantastic day. Starting on the food market, driving to the fantastic Tasty Studio, Cooking together, drinking wine and enjoyed the delicious Fish Menue. Thanks to José, Lorenzo and his team and the other Foodies. 🙂 Highly recommendable.

  3. Loreen Danford

    Had a great time with our group of six. Food was tasty, and a great way to learn more about the culinary culture of Lisbon and Portugal.

  4. Lorraine Joo

    José created something special! From the time he spend with us on the market, sharing his passion for quality products and food. But most of al having big fun together and creating an amazing atmosphere in the group. Thanks for a great day!

  5. Lynsey Desjardins

    José is a unicorn. One of the best things we did in Portugal. The experience, market, food and conversation were beyond what we had expected.

  6. Mandy Snuggs

    I am so excited to make the creamy cod dish at home. This was one of my best days in Portugal! Thank you!!

  7. Margit Bichrest

    This was an excellent local experience. Was supposed to last around 5 hours, but we stayed for 7! And there were still people in the group hanging around when we left! We started off in the local market, which was a brilliant idea.

  8. Marlene Swinford

    We went to the local market, Campo de Ourique, to shop and went to the studio with our ingredients. We were guided through the studio and then we prepared different meals. We were a very nice group and the chef understood his craft. However, I had hoped for more photographing tips. It is more of a cooking class than a photo course.

  9. Matha Torgerson

    Experiência incrível! Mercado belíssimo com zero turistas (exceto nós, hehe), comerciantes simpáticos. O apartamento de José é simplesmente fantástico, ele nos ensinou tudo com muita dedicação e diversão (e que trilha sonora!). Todos nos sentimos muito satisfeitos. Obrigado, José!

  10. Matilde Marcus

    This was one of our favourite afternoons we had on our 10 day trip over all of Portugal. The friendliness and hospitals was exceptional, what Jose is building here is truly unique and any food lover would be a fool to not have this on their todo list whilst in London. Perfect for any group size and even groups of two. You will instantly feel part of the Lisbon foodies team. Thanks again and see you all soon!

  11. Maye Pellegrini

    Wow! That’s all I can say. We LOVED our experience. José was the absolute best, he was hilarious, informative and so much fun to learn from. When we come back to Lisboa, we will be back! Thank you for sharing your place with us!

  12. Mckenzie Skolnick

    Love love loved it!!!!! Nothing like I have ever done before but was incredible. José was amazing and the food was delicious!

  13. Melynda Dunham

    José is funny, personable and so easy to get along with. We felt so welcome in his home and had a fantastic time cooking and eating the most delicious Portuguese food. I am vegetarian and he made a point to go through lots of veggie options for me. Thank you for such a great day José. We’ll definitely do this again when we come back! Highly recommended!

  14. Mignon Neese

    This experience was amazing and much more than we expected. José and Nikolai were such lovely people and made us feel so welcome. It was so much fun, we danced and laughed and told personal stories – something I wouldn’t usually do with a bunch of strangers.

  15. Minna Derossett

    A very unique experience. We had an amazing time and really enjoyed ourselves. This experience turned out to be above our exceptions! Thank you for everything!

  16. Mireya Broaddus

    We were greeted, on time, by chef José at the market to start our experience. José is exceptional, letting us know the history of the market and showing us around the place, while picking up ingredients for the supper for the evening. We also had a fun family of 4 from Canada for the experience. It was fun filled, educational and intimate. We thoroughly enjoyed this and highly recommend it to anyone planning a trip to Lisbon.

  17. Percy Mcadams

    Wonderful experience. Great way to learn about the culture and food!

  18. Pilar Trivett

    This was our first AirBnB experience, and it was the highlight of our trip to Portugal! The itinerary was quite organized, and it was easy to meet other people in the small group from other parts of the world. Chef Teresa provided helpful information at the market, this place is an impressive display of food creativity and imagination.

  19. Pura Griffiths

    This was a good experience overall. The local market was simpler than what we expected but it was a cozy walk nevertheless. Meeting the entire team behind this concept was a very nice addition, especially that you get to see the setup of how food photography and videography work and much more. It was a beautiful experience. Great fresh food, amazing chef, was friendly and attending of the group. Will definitely be recommending this to some of our friends visiting Lisbon.

  20. Ramiro Cocco

    Une expérience incroyable. José est très chaleureux et créé une dynamique de groupe et une ambiance agréable. Les mets étaient délicieux, nous avons hâte de les refaire à la maison!

  21. Reatha Marable

    This cookery afternoon was a great experience and both my boyfriend and I had an amazing time! José tailors the menu to your personal tastes and makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. The variety of food and drink we tried was great and the music in Josés apartment made for a great atmosphere! A mix of great food and a ton of laughs makes it a perfect combination for an authentic Lisbon experience!

  22. Romeo Dively

    José’s cooking class was the first experience I had done with Airbnb. My girlfriend and I had a great time exploring the farmers market and collaborating with the other guests in José’s amazing kitchen. I highly recommend this to anyone else visiting Lisbon.

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