A Different Type of Lisbon Tattoo Masterclass

Let creative moonchild Vanni teach you about tattooing from start to finish in her heavenly Lisbon studio. You’ll learn the history and practice of tattooing, as well as carrying out a guided tattoo practical. Time: 2:30pm-7:30pm


Let creative moonchild Vanni teach you about tattooing from start to finish in her heavenly Lisbon studio. You’ll learn the history and practice of tattooing, as well as carrying out a guided tattoo practical.

Time: 2:30pm-7:30pm



About your guide

I’m Vanessa (Vanni), a Luxembourgy Brazilliaria who travelled to these shores many many moons ago. I started my creative exploration as a graphic designer and after moving to Lisboa trained as a tattoo artist. My work captures its soul from many different creative sources and I believe that is the key to success of any tattoo artists.

What we’ll do

This workshop is geared towards explaining all types of content from the world of tattooing, from those who are looking to start, all the way up to people that want to learn more and expand their knowledge from a unique European community of artists. We are going to be investigating how the art of tattooing has impacted different historical moments, countries and cultures. I’ll also be working with you to investigate what different styles artists are exploring, different machines, rules about hygiene and safety, all the time guiding you to getting started and also improving and expanding. Not to mention I’ll be delighted to offer years of marketing and social media advice on how to organise your own clientele! My intention is not to offer you a bland repetitive workshop you can get anywhere but also discuss my own thoughts on this business, how to escape the world of the tattoo mafia and the tattoo shops. I believe success in this industry is found in an artist’s unique independence and this course is designed to have you pave your own path.

What else you should know

Just come with an open mind and an intrigued soul!

What I’ll provide

All the tattoo equipment needed to practice tattooing on fruit. (gun and ink) Also, I will be supplying a workshop guide booklet with a history of tattooing inside.

What to bring

Any of their own graphic design work.
Any inspiration they’d like to include to inspire and design their own work.

My Guide to Your Day:


* The History and Practice of Tattoo – Primitive Cultures & Tribes / Maori Style (New Zealand) – Classical Tattoo Style (Hawaii & US) – Japanese Tattoos & Gangs



* MACHINES & Supplies Practical

* HYGIENE & Safety

* MY ART! How to Develop a Drawing That Will Turn into a Tattoo? – How to Make My Stencil? – Which Needles Should I Use?

* Let the Tattooing begin!

19 reviews for A Different Type of Lisbon Tattoo Masterclass

  1. Maribel Krogman

    Amazeballs! Once in a lifetime opportunity. Vanni is knowledgeable and friendly. We met at a place convenient for all parties involved, learned about things like the lottery, local drinks, and finally hopped in tuk tuk to head to our destination. The whole experience was well worth the time and money involved.

  2. Marti Stimson

    Vanni met us beforehand (on accident, we all happened to be at the same cafe waiting) and struck up a group conversation straight off the bat. Then she gave us local information and funny stories. She shared some background on the Tatto world and what our tour would look like. The experience itself was enlightening as you could tell it wasn’t just about tattoos, there is belief behind it that is sacred. Afterwards she gave recommendation for what to do the rest of the day and places to eat or see before we each left. I can’t recommend ther any more highly, whether or not you get a tattoo, it’s a great experience.

  3. Meredith Sansone

    That was a really unique experience! My friend is totally satisfied too. Vanni is friendly and considerate. The master is a professional. Thank you all!

  4. Nathaniel Nadeau

    Vanni was extremely friendly and open I felt very comfortable with him. After we had great noodles and enjoyed a good conversation with the other guest. Vanni also got us a taxi and made sure we departed safely. It was truly majestic time, I feel very blessed. I highly recommend ther experience!❤

  5. Nichole Peranio

    Awesome, truly great.

  6. Olivia Mansker

    I am so glad I found ther experience on AirBNB. I had an amazing time and learned so much about LIsboa tattoo experience. I knew I wanted a tattoo, but as a tourist, I found it to to be very confusing. Then I found Vanni on AirBNB and everything was made clear.

  7. Pauletta Bough

    Unna (Pron. Ah-Na)

  8. Prince Amesquita

    The entire experience from collecting the alms and the prayer really made ther one of a kind. I’m so glad!

  9. Retta Gabaldon

    I highly recommend ther experience especially if you are looking for something unique and lasting to remember. Vanni has great communication and a wealth of knowledge on Lisboa Culture and many other topics a really lovely guy to tour with caring,

  10. Rolanda Delaughter

    5 Stars is an understatement! I wish i can give (Phone number hidden) + stars for such a wonderful experience. As a tattoo artist myself, I have not had a more incredible tattoo experience.

  11. Sharen Dobbin

    Ther experience came highly recommended and I was looking forward to it. Vanni had interesting stories and answered all of our questions. The tattoo was an extraordinary experience and then afterwards, we went for an authentic, local lunch. It was definitely a highlight of my trip!

  12. Sheri Kipp

    Ther was a very enlightening and unqiue experience. Vanni was very friendly and made us feel at ease. She taught us about the meaning of Sak Yant and walked us through the steps. You do not need to get a tattoo, you can go to learn about the meaning, we choose to get Sak Yant and found it to be a very moving and a wonderful experience.

  13. Tasha Stuber

    The fact that she spoke English well and travels so she knew about my home (NYC) made me feel so connected!!!

  14. Tayna Garceau

    Off the beaten track, Vanni takes you to a sacred home to watch the tattoo experience. You can also make a booking prior to guarantee a slot for the tattoo.

  15. Toshiko Nealy

    I don’t even know where to start! This was such a wonderful and informative day of learning about the world of Tattoos from Vanessa

  16. Venetta Bastin

    Vanni exsplains to you everythinng about the world of the tattoo experience.

  17. Vincent Lafrance

    Ther was a really moving and an emotional cultural experience, rich in hertory and spirituality.

  18. Willia Ahern


  19. Williemae Noga

    it was great communication right from the beginnin with Vanni. She also offered many other tips from her vast knowledge of the city

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