The 6 Best Areas to Stay in Lisbon

If you‘re coming to spend some time in Lisbon, chances are that one of your first questions will be “where do I stay?”. It’s an important decision to make, the quality of a holiday can be altered a great deal by the area you’ve chosen to make your base. While there are no bad parts […]

If you‘re coming to spend some time in Lisbon, chances are that one of your first questions will be “where do I stay?”.
It’s an important decision to make, the quality of a holiday can be altered a great deal by the area you’ve chosen to make your base.
While there are no bad parts of Lisbon, different sections of the city will appeal to different people, so let me give you information about a few. I may go by region name or closest metro station here, depending on what makes it easier to explain the area.

Bairro Alto

For the party people, Bairro Alto is the part of Lisbon that never sleeps. Prices can be high here, especially in peak tourist season, but if you’re after nightlife above all else, then you’re going to want to aim here.
Bairro Alto also has a good central position, meaning you can access various parts of the city easily through public transport, and taxis won’t (usually) cost too much.


This includes the areas around Anjos, Arroiois, and Alameda metro stations (all the As, basically). This is more of an alternative destination, but is well placed for accessing other parts of the city.
Prices can be lower here, but that isn’t the only reason to stay. Anjos is full of hip and trendy bars, cafes, and nightlife spots, while maintaining a much quieter vibe for those who may need the odd early night!
If you’re a fan of vintage and cheap clothes, this is a good spot too, hosting four of the city’s Humana stores, which are Lisbon’s version of charity shops.

Campo de Ourique

Up a hill from Chiado and Bairro Alto, Campo de Ourique is a popular place with tourists, and for good reason. Full of beautiful parks, as well as museums to two of the most famous writers Portugal has produced, Jose Saramago and Fernando Passoa.
This is for the cultured, those looking for some history and insight into Portuguese life along with the sunbathing and drinking.
Also, there is a marionette museum not far away, which is one of the most wonderfully creepy places you’ll ever go.


Lisbon’s old town is arguably the most popular place to stay, The famous Tram 28 can take you into town, while the area is one of the few parts of the city relatively untouched for centuries, meaning the architecture is beautiful around here.
Alfama is also home to various parades and festivals every year, and is not short of nightlife either!


The section of Lisbon around Avenida de Liberdade is home to the best shopping for those looking for designer labels, but there’s a lot more than that going on here too.
One of the most historic streets in Lisbon, statues and monuments can introduce you to a lot of the city’s story, and some of the best kiosks in town line the streets alongside the extravagant fountains.
Avenida is probably the most central place on this list, a 15 minute walk to the river, and to pretty much anywhere else you’d want to be, with a host of public transport options too.


The other side of the river is normally for those looking for a quieter time, Amora, Caparica, and Setubal are set a way out of Lisbon, and normally saved for the travellers looking to visit the city briefly during a relaxed break.
However, Cacilhas is a little different, it’s over the river, but regular boats take 8 minutes to get you over to Cais do Sodré and straight into the heart of the city.
It gets windy round these parts, but the relaxed vibe, and substantially cheaper accommodation prices more than make up for that!
Be aware that the boats stop a bit before midnight most nights, and a taxi across the bridge can set you back a bit!

What’s your favourite part of Lisbon to stay in when you come? Are there any I’ve missed off the list? Feel free to let me know.


(Cover Image: Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash)

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